69th Annual International SEG Meeting, Huston, USA, 31 Oct - 5 Nov,1999

Sub-basalt depth imaging using stacking attributes (pdf:1.0Mb)
Alexander Druzhinin, Colin MacBeth, and Ken Hitchen

Converted wave phase stability in seabed seismic data (pdf:183kb)
Hengchang Dai and Colin MacBeth

Anisotropic processing of 4-C sea-bed seismic data: a case example from West Africa (pdf:1.4MB)
Laurent Godin, Colin MacBeth and Jean Arnaud

Fracture detection using marine streamer data: a case study (pdf:941KB)
Thomas K├╝hnel, Xiang-Yang Li and Jens-Petter Kvarstein

An accurate P-SV moveout equation for transverse isotropy (pdf368KB:)
Xiang-Yang Li and Jian-Xin Yuan

Anisotropic velocity analysis for 4-C seismic data: a case study (pdf982KB:)
Xiang-Yang Li and Jian-Xin Yuan

Analysis of azimuthal variation in P-wave signature from orthogonal streamer lines (pdf:219KB)
Yi-Jie Liu, Xiang-Yang Li and Colin MacBeth

Elliptical anisotropy - regression or advance? (pdf:540KB)
Frank Ohlsen and Colin MacBeth

Estimation of sea-bed sediment anisotropy using vertical cable seismics (pdf:156KB)
Hejie Wang, Colin MacBeth and Xiang-Yang Li