68th Annual International SEG Meeting, New Orleans, 13-18 September,1998

Vertical fracture estimation using walk-away VSP (pdf:396KB)
MacBeth, C.

Fracture detection using P-P and P-S wave in multicomponent sea-floor data (pdf:938KB)
Li, X.-Y.

Using converted shear-waves for imaging beneath basalt in deep water plays (pdf:630KB)
Li, X.-Y., MacBeth, C., Hitchen, K. and Hanssen, P.

Interpreting the residual wavefield for polarization change in 4-C shear data matrix (pdf:149KB)
Dai, H. and Li, X.-Y.

Anisotropy estimates from a North Sea VSP (pdf:239KB)
Ohlsen, F. and MacBeth, C.

A new approach for converted-wave moveout in transversely isotropic media (pdf:243KB)
Yuan, J. and Li, X.-Y.

Numerical modeling of seismic wave propagation in media with distributed inclusions (pdf:703KB)
Liu, E., Pointer, T., Hudson, J. and Queen, J.