Beijing-SEG, 1993

Processing methods for multicomponent seismology (pdf:832KB)
MacBeth, C., Li, X. and Wild, P.

Multicomponent deconvolution algorithm for VSP data for shear-wave splitting (pdf:447KB)
Zeng, X. and MacBeth, C.

Characterizing fracture systems by analysing shear-wave splitting in multicomponent seismic data (pdf:1041B)
Li, X.-Y., Crampin, S. and MacBeth, C.

Moscow-SEG, 1993


Observations of anisotropic cusps in walkaway VSPs in a clay reservoir in the Juravskoe oil field
Slater, C., Crampin, S., Brodov, L.Y. and Kuznetsov, V.M.


63rd Annual International SEG Meeting, Washington, 1993


Near-surface correction for nine-component VSP (pdf:508KB)
MacBeth, C., Li, X. and Queen, J.

Limits to crack density: the state of fractures in crustal rocks (pdf:53KB)
Crampin, S. and Leary, P.C.

The need for underground research laboratories in sedimentary basins (pdf:151KB)
Crampin, S., Queen, J. and Rizer, W.