86th SEG international exposition and annual meeting, Dallas 16-21, October, 2016

Multicomponent seismic reconstruction via modiļ¬ed inner product operator and weighted K-SVD(pdf: 912kb)
Sian Hou, Feng Zhang and Xiangyang Li

Pure Quasi-P-wave Velocity-stress Equation in VTI Media(pdf: 256kb)
Sian Hou, Feng Zhang and Xiangyang Li

The application of frequency-dependent AVO inversion in tight reservoirs area(pdf: 462kb)
Xilin Qin, Shuangquan Chen and Sheng Zhang

Nonlinear PP and PS Joint Inversion based on the Zoeppritz Equations(pdf: 540kb)
Baoshan Song, Lixia Zhi, Shuangquan Chen, Lianbo Zeng, Xiang-Yang Li

The ODR-dependent attribute analysis of HTI media based on full azimthual gather: A synthetic study (pdf: 668kb)
Peng Wang, Feng Zhang, Shuangquan Chen, Xiang-Yang Li, Tuo Zhang, Pengyuan Sun

An optimal staggered-grid finite-difference scheme using Taylor-series expansion with a minimax approximation for elastic wave modeling (pdf: 294kb)
Hongyong Yan, Hengchang Dai, Xiang-Yang Li