85th SEG international exposition and annual meeting, New Orleans 18-23, October, 2015

The effect of porosity and water saturation on frequency-dependent PP and PS reflections: a numerical study(pdf: 275kb)
Xiaoyang Wu, Xiang-Yang Li and Mark Chapman

Pore aspect ratio inversion and Clay lamination evaluation based on a shale rock physics model – a shale case study from Southwest China(pdf: 649kb)
Keran Qian , Feng Zhang, Hui Zhang and Xiangyang Li

Impacts of kerogen content and fracture properties on the anisotropic seismic reflectivity of shales with orthorhombic symmetry(pdf: 925kb)
Li Yang, Mark Chapman and Xiaoyang Wu

Analysis of PS-converted wave azimuth anisotropy—a case study from Daqing Oilfield(pdf: 691kb)
Weining Liu, Hengchang Dai and Xiangyang Li