84th SEG Conference & Exhibition, Denver, Colorado, USA, 26-31 October 2014

A model-based approach for registration of PP and PS waves in the depth domain(pdf: 715kb)
Hengchang Dai and Xiang-yang Li

Comparison between azimuthal anisotropy and splitting effect of PS-converted waves(pdf: 728kb)
Weining Liu, Hengchang Dai and Xiangyang Li

Analysis of wide-azimuth angle gathers for fracture-induced anisotropy: Field data implementation(pdf: 754kb)
Song Hou, Xiangyang Li and Nanxun Dai

Effects of fracture parameters on anisotropy: laboratory observations using synthetic samples(pdf: 235kb)
Pinbo Ding*, Bangrang Di, Jianxin Wei, Xiao Di and Xiangyang Li