79th SEG Meeting,25-30 October 2009, Houston, USA

  • Observations of azimuthal variation of attenuation anisotropy in 3D VSPs. (PDF:541KB)
    Anish V Varghese* , Mark Chapman, Xiang-Yang Li and Yangguang Wang
  • Frequency-dependent AVO inversion (PDF:110KB)
    Adam Wilson*, Mark Chapman and Xiang-Yang Li
  • Reducing the uncertainty in the data processing of PS converted wave (PDF:271KB)
    Hengchang Dai and Xiang-Yang Li
  • Fracture density inversion from a physical geological model using azimuthal AVO with optimal basis functions (PDF:3441KB)
    Isabel Varela, Sonja Maultzsch, Mark Chapman and Xiang-Yang Li
  • Fracture detection using 2-D P-wave seismic data: A seismic physical modelling study (PDF:166KB)
    Ekanem, A. M.*, Wei, J., Wang, S., Di, B., Li, X-Y, and Chapman M.