78th SEG Meeting, 9-14 November 2008, Las Vegas

Nonlinear seismic response of rock saturated with multiple fluids (PDF)
Mark Chapman

A practical approach to compensate for diodic effects of PS converted waves (PDF)
Hengchang Dai* and Xiang-Yang Li

Converted wave AVO inversion for average velocity ratio and shear wave reflection coefficient (PDF)
Stephen Wei, Xiang-Yang Li*, Tiansheng Chen, and Yuxin Ji

Attenuation estimation in crosswell data- an indicator of fracture density and permeability? (PDF)
Anish V. Varghese*, Mark Chapman, Jorg V. Herwanger

Estimating frequency-dependent seismic attributes by matching pursuit: a case study (PDF)
Tieqiang Zhang*,Xiang-Yang Li and Mark Chapman