77th SEG Meeting, 23-28 September 2007, San Antonio

  • Fluid substitution theories for reservoirs with complex fracture patterns (PDF:186KB)
    Mark Chapman
  • Fracture Properties Inversion from Azimuthal AVO Using Singular Values Decomposition (PDF:430KB)
    Isabel Varela, Sonja Maultzsch, Xiang-Yang Li and Mark Chapman
  • Azimuthal variation of PP and PS wave attributes: a synthetic study (PDF:163KB)
    Zhongping Qian, Xiang-Yang Li and Mark Chapman
  • Effects of fracture scale length and aperture on seismic properties: An experimental study (PDF:96KB)
    Jianxin Wei, Bangrang Di, and Xiang-Yang Li
  • Case study of PP and PS seismic response from fractured tight gas reservoirs (PDF:660KB)
    Jiangming Tang, Shaonan Zhang, and Xiang-Yang Li

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  • AVOaz response of a fractured medium: Laboratory measurements versus numerical simulation (PDF:570KB)
    Mahammed Alhussain, Enru Liu, Milovan Urosevic and Ur Rehman

  • Estimation of anisotropy permeability in fractured reservoirs from seismic AVOz analysis
    Morten Jakobsen, Enru Liu and Mark Chapman