76th SEG Meeting, October 2006, New Orleans

Characterizing volcanic gas reservoirs using PP and PS seismic data: case study (PDF:633KB)
X.Y. Li, H.C.Dai, Sun, X. and Jiang, P.

Fracture detection using 3D P-wave seismic data: An integrated study from Southwest China (PDF:555KB)
Qian, Z., Li, X.Y., E.Liu, Wang, S. and Wang, S.

Seismic attenuation in rocks saturated with multi-phase fluids (PDF:193KB)
Chapman, M. and Liu, E.

Estimating anisotropic parameters from PS-converted wave data: a case study (PDF:1241KB)
Wang, L., Dai, H., Li, X.Y and Sun, X.

Applications of spectral decomposition for AVO analysis in the west of Shetland (PDF:631KB)
Liu, E., Chapman, M., Loizou, N. and Li, X.Y.

Kinematic and dynamic anisotropy: implication of seismic fracture characterizations (PDF:633KB)
Liu, E., Chapman, M., Li, X.Y., Queen, J.H. and Lynn, H.

Azimuthal multi-attribute analysis for fracture properties in time-lapse VSP data (PDF:291KB)
Varela, I., Liu, E. and Chapman, M.