73nd Annual International SEG Meeting, Dallas, Texas, 6-11 Oct 2002

Some estimates of the squirt-flow frequency (PDF:170KB)
Mark Chapman*, Sonja Maultzsch and Enru Liu

The frequency dependent azimuthal AVO response of fractured rock (PDF:181KB)
Mark Chapman* and Enru Liu

Interactive estimation of anisotropic parameters and velocities from PS converted waves (PDF:407KB)
Hengchang Dai

Modelling long-offset seismic waves for sub-basalt imaging (PDF:4.9MB)
Andrew Dobson*, Derek Ritchie, Enru Liu, Xiang-Yang Li and Anton Ziolkowski

Data-driven multi-mode interval velocity analysis in terms of P-Q wavefront attributes (PDF:485KB)
Alexander Druzhinin* and Xiang-Yang Li

Multi-mode wavepath depth imaging for the SEG/EAGE salt model (PDF:454KB)
Alexander Druzhinin*, Leigh House and Jan Pajchel

Processing low-frequency data from the Faroe-Shetland Basin for sub-basalt imaging (PDF:4.2MB)
Peter Hanssen*, Robert Gatliff, Xiang-Yang Li, Anton Ziolkowski, Helmut Jakubowicz, Gary Hampson,

Converted-wave moveout analysis revisited: the search for a standard approach (PDF:623KB)
Xiang-Yang Li

Frequency-dependent anisotropy: effects of multi-fracture sets on shear-wave polarizations (PDF:247KB)
Enru Liu*, Mark Chapman, Sonja Maultzsch, Xiang-Yang Li, John H. Queen and Zhongjie Zhang

Modeling attenuation anisotropy and its interpretation in terms of fracture properties (PDF:165KB)
Sonja Maultzsch*, Enru Liu and Mark Chapman

Multi-scale fracture characterization using fractal frequency-power-law attenuation models (PDF:457KB)
Vladimir Rok, Alexander Druzhinin*, Russ Evans and Xiang-Yang Li

Characterisation of near surface anisotropy using P- and converted wave data (PDF:2.1MB)
B?rbel Traub* and Xiang-Yand Li

Feasibility of FTG reservoir monitoring (PDF:594KB)
Alexander Vasilevsky, Alexander Druzhinin*, Russ Evans, Xiang-Yang Li and Colm Murphy

Numerical study of scattering attenuation in fractured media: the effects of scalelength on multiple scattering attenuation (PDF:357KB)
Serafeim Vlastos*, C. Narteau, Enru Liu and Ian Main

Dual simulations of fluid flow and seismic wave propagation in a fractured network: Effects of changes in pore pressure on signature of seismic waves (PDF:342KB)
Serafeim Vlastos*, Michael Schoenberg, B. Maillot, Ian Main, Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

Fracture detection using 3D seismic data: A physical modeling study (PDF:345KB)
Shangxu Wang and Xiang-Yang Li*

Case study of using converted PS-waves to image gas reservoirs in the Ordos Basin, China (PDF:364KB)
Xiuchen Wei, Xiang-Yang Li*, Ou Yang and Shi Songqun

Circulated for information

Constraining models of fractured reservoirs using seismic anisotropy maps, for improved reservoir performance and prediction (PDF:758KB)
Steve Rogers*, Colin MacBeth, Enru Liu and Erika Angerer