72nd Annual International SEG Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, 6-11 Oct 2002

Frequency dependent anisotropy with a multi-scale equant porosity model. (PDF:42KB)
Mark Chapman and Enru Liu

Parallel Processing of Prestack Kirchhoff Time Migration on a Beowulf Cluster (PDF:346KB)
Hengchang Dai

A practical approach to update the migration velocity model for PS converted waves (PDF:254KB)
Hengchang Dai and Xiang-Yang Li

Fracture detection using land 3D seismic data from the Yellow-River Delta, China (PDF:2.1MB)
Xiang-Yang Li, Yi-Jie Liu, Enru Liu, Feng Shen, Li Qi and Qu Shouli

Analysis of frequency-dependent seismic anisotropy from a multicomponent VSP (PDF:69KB)

Interpreting velocity ratios from 4C seismic data and well logs in the presence of gas and anisotropy (PDF:1.4MB)
Fabio Mancini, Xiang-Yang Li, Anton Ziolkowski and Tim Pointer

Modelling frequency-dependent anisotropy due to fluid flow in bed limited cracks (PDF:69KB)
Simon R. Tod and John A. Hudson

The study of static correction in desert and loose terrain (PDF:1.4MB)
Xiucheng Wei and Yang Liu

Anisotropic parameter estimation from conversion point offsets (PDF:700KB) (MS-Doc:647KB)
Jerry Yuan and Xiang-Yang Li