71st Annual International SEG Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, USA, 9 - 14 September 2001

The dynamic fluid substitution problem (pdf:86kB)
Mark Chapman

Anisotropy migration and model building for 4C seismic data: A case study from Alba (pdf:1.7MB)
Hengchang Dai and Xiang-Yang Li

Time-Lapse Crosswell Tomography in the Athabasca Tar Sands (pdf:570KB)
Anna Droujinina, Colin MacBeth and Patrick Corbett

Accuracy and sensitivity analysis for estimating anisotropic parameter from 4C seismic data (pdf:591kB)
Xiang-Yang Li, and Jianxin Yuan

Converted-wave traveltime equations in layered anisotropy media: An overview (pdf:214kB)
Xiang-Yang Li, Jianxin Yuan and Richard Bale

Effects of fluid saturation and pore pressure on seismic anisotropy (pdf:268kB)
Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

Characterization of azimuthal anisotropy in the presence of thin layers using P-waves (pdf:480kB)
Yi-Jie Liu, Anton Ziokovski, Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

Estimation of reservoir parameters using an anisotropic dual porosity model (pdf:678kB)
Yan Jun, Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

Pressure incluced anisotropy of interconnected cracks (pdf:212kB)
Simon R. Tod, John Hudson and Enru Liu

Circulated for information:

The Use of Low Frequencies for Sub-Basalt Imaging (pdf:725kB)
Anton Ziolkowski, Peter Hanssen, Robert Gatliff, Xiang-Yang Li, Helmut Jacubowicz