70th Annual International SEG Meeting, Calgary, Canada, 6-11 August, 2000

Compensating for the effects of gas clouds by prestack migration: A case study from Valhall (pdf:853KB)
Hengchang Dai, Xiang-Yang Li and Mike Mueller

VSP-CDP-tau-p depth migration in complex areas (pdf:2.4MB)
Alexander Druzhinin

A practical approach to P-SV prestack time migration and velocity analysis for transverse isotropy (pdf:1.3MB)
Xiang-Yang Li and Alexander Druzhinin

Seismic detection of fluid saturation in aligned fractures (pdf:335KB)
Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

Converted waves for sub-basalt imaging? (pdf:1.7MB)
Peter Hanssen, Xiang-Yang Li and Anton Ziolkowski

Can we extract fracture information from 3D marine streamer data? (pdf:637KB)
Yi-Jie Liu, Xiang-Yang Li and Peter Anderton

The impact of multiple suppression on vertical cable data imaging (pdf:927KB)
Jack Wang, Alexander Druzhinin and Xiang-Yang Li

Using a semi-empirical approach for petrophysical inversion: a case study from North Sea (pdf:360KB)
Jun Yan, Enru Liu and Roger Scrutton

Time-lapse VSP monitoring of steam injection (pdf:817KB)
Anna Droujinina, Colin MacBeth and Patrick Corbett

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Incorporating stress-sensitivity into dynamic poro-elasticity (pdf:167KB)
Mark Chapman, Sergei V. Zatsepin and Stuart Crampin

Time-lapse seismic changes in a CO2injection process in a fractured reservoir (pdf:464KB)
Erika Angerer, Stuart Crampin, Xiang-Yang Li and Thomas L. Davis

Shear-wave splitting in a critical self-organized crust: the New Geophysics (pdf:1.6MB)
Stuart Crampin

Second-order Born-Rytov prestack depth imaging demonstrated on a field data set (pdf:281KB)
Alexander Druzhinin, Jan Pajchel, Steen Petersen, and Philippe Thierry