61st Annual International EAGE Meeting, Helsinki, Finland, 7 - 11, June 1999

A phase slowness approximation for vertical fracture determination using walkaway VSP (pdf:390KB)
Colin MacBeth

Estimating Vp/Vs ratio from converted waves: a 4C case example (pdf:686KB)
Xiang-Yang Li, Jianxin Yuan, Anton Ziolkowski and Floris Strijbos

Converted-wave moveout and parameter estimation for transverse isotropy (pdf:291KB)
Xiang-Yang Li and Jianxin Yuan

Anisotropy and correlation analysis in North Sea 4-C sea-floor seismic data (pdf:442KB)
Jianxin Yuan, Xiang-Yang Li and Anton Ziolkowski

Modelling converted waves for sub-basaltic imaging (pdf:860KB)
Peter Han?en and Xiang-Yang Li

Separation of up- and down-going wave fields in vertical cable seismic (pdf:621KB)
Hejie Wang, Colin MacBeth and Xiang-Yang Li