60th Annual International EAGE Meeting, Leipzig, Germany, 8-12, June 1998

An essential processing correction for seabed recording (pdf:636KB)
MacBeth, C.

Are near-offset shear wave conversions useful? (pdf:375KB)
MacBeth, C.

Azimuthal moveout analysis for fracture detection in marine streamer data (pdf:150KB)
Li, X.-Y.

Processing North Sea 4-C sea-floor seismic data (pdf:325KB)
Yuan, J., Li, X.-Y., Ziolkowski, A. and Strijbos, F.

Using the BPNN as a general feature detector (pdf:104KB)
Dai, H., MacBeth, C. and Li, X.-Y.

Fracture estimation from walkway VSPs recorded in a deviated well (pdf:105KB)
Ohlsen, F., MacBeth, C., Vestby, J. and Magnus, I.