59th Annual International EAGE Meeting, Geneva, 26-30 May, 1997

Source signature deconvolution in marine VSP data (pdf:133KB)
Higgings, M., MacBeth, C. and Ziolkowski, A.

AVA observations in azimuthal VSPs, (pdf:85KB)
Horne, S. and MacBeth, C.

Separation of anisotropy and structure during processing (pdf:161KB)
K├╝hnel, T. and Li, X.-Y.

Imaging beneath basalt using converted waves in marine seismic data (pdf:222KB)
Li, X.-Y. and MacBeth, C.

Cross-hole channel wave analysis from Antrim shale gas play, Michigan basin (pdf:153KB)
Liu, E., Queen, J. and Cox, D.

A field example of fracture analysis using shear-wave conversions from near-offset VSP
MacBeth, C., Wilson, M. and Willis, M.

Fracture-related amplitude variations with offset and azimuth in marine seismic data (pdf:318KB)
MacBeth, C.,Li, X.-Y., Ohlsen, F., Jakubowicz, H., and Kirk, W.

Three-component recording distortion at a water-solid interface (pdf:139KB)
MacBeth, C.

Orientation of non-gimballed three-component geophones in sea-floor data (pdf:289KB)
Yuan, J., Li, X.-Y. and Taylor, D.