58th Annual International EAGE Meeting, Amsterdam, 3-7 , June 1996

Unexpected shear-wave behavior (pdf:159KB)
Horne, S. and MacBeth, C.

Can we separate the effects of anisotropy and structure from P-wave travel-time data? (pdf:155KB)
Kühnel, T. and Li, X-Y.

Shear-wave analysis for azimuthal anisotropy using pseudo-rotation of marine VSP (pdf:146KB)
MacBeth, C.

Converted-wave AVO and it's implications (pdf:220KB)
Li, X-Y., Kühnel, T. and MacBeth, C.

The seismic Shock Gun: A new source for multicomponent VSPs
MacBeth, C., Arnold, G., Hughes, S. and Prescott, C.

Stress-induced coupling between anisotropic permeability and shear-wave splitting
Zatsepin, S. and Crampin, S.

Abnormal shear-wave polarization as indicator of high pressures and over-pressures
Crampin, S., Zatsepin, S., Slater, C. and Brodov, L.