57th Annual International EAEG Meeting, Glasgow, 1995

A new understanding of seismic anisotropy in the Earth's crust (pdf:152KB)
Crampin, S. and Zatsepin, S.V.

Identifying P- and S-waves using an artificial neural network (pdf:126KB)
Dai, H. and MacBeth, C.

Determination of subsurface anisotropy using marine near-offset VSP (pdf:141KB)
Higgins, M. and MacBeth, C.

Inversion of shear wave splitting estimates from Near Offset VSPs (pdf:102KB)
Horne, S. and MacBeth, C.

Integrated analysis of multi-component VSPs and surface data for fracture reservoir delineation in the Paris Basin (pdf:276KB)
Li, X-Y., MacBeth, F., Lefeuvre, F. and Tabti, H.

Detecting polarization change with depth in multi-component reflection surveys (pdf:193KB)
Li, X-Y.

Determination of fracture parameters using local shear-wave conversion (pdf:120KB)
MacBeth, C., Boyd, M., Liu, E. and Queen, J.H.

Improving reservoir characterization using seismic anisotropy (pdf:154KB)
MacBeth, C.

Determination of polarity reversals in multi-component data (pdf:270KB)
Zeng, X. and MacBeth, C.

A non-linear anisotropic poro-elastic theory for pre-stressed fluid-saturated rock (pdf:150KB)
Zatsepin, S.V. and Crampin. S.