56th Annual International EAEG Meeting, Vienna, 1994

Efficient conversion to shear-waves at near-normal incidence in marine VSPs (pdf:139KB)
MacBeth, C. and Liu, E.

Optimal generation of converted shear-waves in a marine VSP (pdf:165KB)
MacBeth, C. and Liu, E.

Shear-wave amplitude processing for fracture reservoir delineation (pdf:157KB)
Li, X-Y., MacBeth, C. and Crampin, S.

A neural network picker for VSP data (pdf:157KB)
Dai, H. and MacBeth, C.

Anisotropic shear-wave inversion for crack parameters using a hybrid Genetic Algorithm (pdf:222KB)
Horne, S. and MacBeth, C.

Shear-wave anisotropy from multicomponent VSP data, Iatan East Howard field, Texas (pdf:166KB)
Baptie, B.J. and Crampin, S.

Inversion of Channel Wave Dispersion for Anisotropy using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm (pdf:105KB)
Horne, S., MacBeth, C. and Liu, E.

Near-surface Shear-Wave Anisotropy Study Using VSPs, Yaroslavl Area, Russia (pdf:150KB)
Slater, C., Crampin, S. and Brodov, L.