54th Annual International EAEG Meeting., Paris, France, 1-5 June 1992

Variation of reflection coefficients with crack strike and density in anisotropic media (pdf:168KB)
Li, X. Y. and Crampin, S.

Shear-wave anisotropy in the Austin chalk from multi-offset VSP data (pdf:204KB)
Yardley, G. and Crampin, S.

Guided-waves in crosshole seismic surveys (pdf:105KB)
Lou, M., Crampin, S., Liu, E. and Queen, J.

Fracture-related seismic velocity and attenuation anisotropy at the Conoco borehole test facility, Oklahoma (pdf:109KB)
Liu, E., Crampin, S. and Queen, J.

Shear-wave characteristics in the Austin chalk from three reflection lines in South Texas (pdf:175KB)
Li, X. Y., Crampin, S and Mueller, M.

Subsurface anisotropy from shear-wave splitting in zero or near-offset VSPs? - case studies (pdf:106KB)
MacBeth, C., Zeng, X. and Crampin, S.

Algebraic processing techniques for estimating shear-wave splitting (pdf:79KB)
Zeng, X. and MacBeth, C.