53rd Annual International EAEG Meeting, Florence, Italy, 26-30 May 1991

Fracture detection using reserve vertical seismic profiles and cross-hole surveys (pdf:55KB)
Liu, E., Crampin, S. and Queen, J.

Observations of shear-wave splitting from mining induced stress-failures (pdf:96KB)
Graham, G. and Crampin, S.

Shear-wave point singularities in sedimentary basins (pdf:52KB)
Crampin, S.

Information content of amplitude versus offset of shear-waves in anisotropic media (pdf:51KB)
Yardley, G., Graham, G.,and Crampin, S.

Inversion of VSP field data for anisotropy with singularities, (pdf:43KB)
MacBeth, C.

Processing anisotropy with the shear-wave analysis package (SWAP) (pdf:30KB)
Wild, P.

Implementing pre-stack rotation for four-component shear-wave reflection data (pdf:108KB)
Li, X. Y. and Crampin. S.

Modelling guided waves in the thin-layer sedimentary reservoirs in cross-hole surveys (pdf:55KB)
Lou, M. and Crampin, S.