77th EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Madrid, Spain, 1-4 June 2015

A new approach to derive NMO velocity and moveout for seismic waves in HTI media (pdf: 255kb)
Hengchang Dai and Xiang-yang Li

An improved strategy for exact Zoeppritz equations AVA inversion (pdf: 236kb)
Shuangquan Chen, Lixia Zhi, Xiang-Yang Li

Analysis of frequency-dependent PP reflections with White’s model for CO2 patchy (pdf: 1912kb)
Xiaoyang Wu

Modeling and analysis of frequency-dependent AVO intercept and gradient attributes (pdf: 487kb)
Sheng Zhang, Shuangquan Chen,Xiang-Yang Li

Nonlinear PP and PS Joint Inversion Based on the Zoeppritz Equations (pdf: 510kb)
Lixia Zhi, Shuangquan Chen, and Xiang-Yang Li

A new pre-stack Q inversion method based on centroid frequency (pdf: 451kb)
Yaojun Wang, Shuangquan Chen and X.-Y. Li

Estimation of shale reservoir properties based on anisotropic rock physics modelling (pdf: 498kb)
K. Qian, F. Zhang, X.Y. Li & H. Zhang

Observation of Vp/Vs ratio in synthetic rocks with fractures (pdf:245kb)
P.B. Ding, B.R. Di, J.X. Wei & X.Y. Li