73rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Vienna, Austria, 23-26 May 2011

Analysis of the seismic response of an anisotropic viscoelastic reservoir (PDF:680KB)
Zhiqi Guo and Xiang-Yang Li

Azimuthal variation of the velocity and moveout of PS converted waves in HTI media (PDF:240KB)
Weining Liu, Hengchang Dai and Xiang-Yang Li

Synthetic modelling study of the effect of attenuation anisotropy in fractured media (PDF:256KB)
Aniekan Ekanem, Xiang-Yang Li, Mark Chapman and Ian Main

The effect of anticlines on seismic fracture characterization and inversion based on a 3D numerical study (PDF:483KB)
Yungui Xu, Gabril Chao and Xiang-Yang Li

Seismic inversion for ray impedance and elastic parameters for an inter-bed reservoir (PDF:418KB)
Feng Zhang and Yanghua Wang

Viabilities of PP-wave and elastic impedance for hydrocarbon-sand discrimination (PDF:535KB)
Feng Zhang, Yanghua Wang and Xiang-yang Li

Application of inverse Q filtering derived from VSP data for improving surface seismic resolution (PDF:687KB)
Shuangquan Chen and Xiang-Yang Li

Application and value of AVO analysis for de-risking hydrocarbon Palaeocene prospects in the UK North Sea (PDF:479KB)
Nick Loizou, Shuangquan Chen, Don Cameron, and Xiang-Yang Li