72nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain, 14-17 June 2010

A practical approach to compensate for the azimuth anisotropy in 3D PS converted wave processing (PDF:705KB)
Hengchang Dai*, Xiang-Yang Li, Chenye Yu and Jianming Wang

Physical modelling studies of the effect of fracture thickness on P-wave attenuation (PDF:160KB)
Ekanem, A. M., Wei, J., Li, X-Y., Chapman, M., and Main, I.G.

Crack density discrimination for thin layers using offset-dependent spectrum characteristics (PDF:270KB)
Zhiqi Guo and Xiang-Yang Li

Evaluation of anisotropic critical angle in frequency domain (PDF:410KB)
Zhiqi Guo and Xiang-Yang Li

Frequency dependent AVO inversion using smoothed pseudo Wigner-Ville distribution (PDF:180KB)
Xiaoyang Wu, Adam Wilson, Mark Chapman, and Xiang-Yang Li

Fracture spacing effects on seismic anisotropy and scattering: A 3D numerical simulation study on Discrete Fracture Models (PDF:271KB)
Yungui Xu, Mark Chapman, Xiang-Yang Li, and I.G.Main

An integrated study of fracture detection using P-wave seismic data (PDF:479KB)
Yungui Xu, An Yong, Xiang-Yang Li, and Cao Zhenlin