71st EAGE Meeting, 8-11 June 2009, Amsterdam

Reducing the uncertainty in parameter estimation and data processing of PS converted waves. (PDF:553KB)
Hengchang Dai and Xiang-Yang Li

Models for the elastic properties of rock saturated with multiple fluids. (PDF:150KB)
Mark Chapman

Effects of fluid viscosity on PP and PS-waves in fractured rock (PDF:410KB)
Zhongping Qian, Xiang-Yang Li and Mark Chapman

Use of frequency dependent AVO inversion to estimate P-wave dispersion properties from reflection data (PDF:213)
Adam Wilson, Mark Chapman, and Xiang-Yang Li

P-wave attenuation anisotropy in fractured media: results from a laboratory �scale-model� (PDF:474KB)
Ekanem, A. M., Wei, J., Li, X-Y. Chapman, M and Main, I.G Main

Attenuation estimation in crosswell data- an indicator of fracture density and permeability? (PDF:196KB)
Anish V. Varghese, Mark Chapman, Jorg V. Herwanger

Coherence-Derived Volumetric Curvature Using the Windowed-Fourier Transform (PDF:601KB)
Tieqiang Zhang and Xiang-Yang Li