70th EAGE Meeting, June 2008, Rome

Seismic signatures of anisotropic dispersion anomalies (PDF)
Mark Chapman

A practical approach to compensate for diodic moveouts of PS converted waves (PDF)
Hengchang Dai and Xiang-Yang Li

Fracture characterization with azimuthal attribute analysis of PS-wave data: modelling and application (PDF)
Zhongping Qian, Xiang-Yang Li and Mark Chapman

Comparative Study of Amplitude-Versus-Offset Results and Spectral Decomposition of a Marine Seismic Survey (PDF)
Adam Wilson, Mark Chapman, Xiang-Yang Li, and Steve Buckner

Mixed-phase wavelet estimation using unwrapped phase of bispectrum (PDF)
Feng Zhang, Yanghua Wang and Xiang-Yang Li