69th EAGE Meeting, June 2007, London

Nonlinear and dispersive wave propagation in rocks saturated with multi-phase fluids. (PDF:294KB)
Mark Chapman and Enru Liu

Effect of errors in the migration velocity model of PS-waves on travel time accuracy in PSTM in weak anisotropic media (PDF:1015KB)
Hengchang Dai and Xiang-Yang Li

Analysis of shear-wave splitting in multicomponent seismic data for oil-water discrimination during water flooding (PDF:2976KB)
Xiang-Yang Li, and Mark Chapman, Yonggang Zhang, Yanguang Wang and Jizhuang Xia

Analysis of travel-time and attenuation anisotropy in walkaround and walkaway VSPs from Tiguentourine field, Algeria. (PDF:236KB)
E. Liu, M. Chapman and S.R. Tod.

Converted-wave velocity analysis in the presence of anisotropy: a case study from Shengli oilfield, China (PDF:2079KB)
Zhongping Qian, Xiang-Yang Li, Xianjun Meng and Lifei Bi

Fluid detection by spectral decomposition: lessons from numerical, physical modelling and field studies. (PDF:414KB)
Jinghua Zhang, Mark Chapman, Enru Liu,Xiang-Yang Li, Shangxu Wang, and Zhenwu Liu

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Shear wave interval velocity from P-S wave data (PDF:1865KB)
Xiucheng Wei, Tiansheng Chen, Jianmin Wang, and Xiang-Yang Li

Azimuthal AVO Inversion for Fracture Characterization: A new technique using Singular Value Decomposition (PDF:505KB) (poster,PDF:26336KB)
Isabel Varela and Sonja Maultzsch