68th EAGE Meeting, June 2006, Vienna

Anisotropic azimuthal attenuation as an indicator of fracture properties, a study on walkaround VSP data (PDF)
Isabel Varela, Mosab Nasser, Mark Chapman and Enru Liu

Multicomponent pp and ps seismic response from volcanic gas reservoirs (PDF)
Xiang-Yang Li , Xianyi Sun, Henchange Dai, Jiangyun Pei and Shumin Chen

Use of spectral decomposition to detect dispersion anomalies associated with gas saturation. (PDF)
M. Chapman, J. Zhang, E. Odebeatu, E. Liu and X.Y. Li.

The two-parameter approximation to seismic reflection traveltimes (PDF)
Xiucheng Wei, Xiang-Yang Li, Yang Liu and David Booth

Fracture Characterization at Clair: Analysis of P-wave azimuthal anisotropy in 2D & 3D Ocean-Bottom Data (PDF)
Zhongping Qian , Xiang-Yang Li, Enru Liu & Rodney Johnston

Integrated Study Of Fracture Characterization Using 3D P-Wave Seismic Data In Southwest China (PDF)
Xiang-Yang Li, Shangxu Wang, Enru Liu, Yalin Li and Yueming Yang

Analysis of converted-wave splitting in volcanic rocks: a case study from northeast China (PDF)
Lifeng Wang, Xiang-Yang Li and Xianyi Sun

Comparison of two physical modeling studies of 3D P-wave fracture detection (PDF)
Zhongping Qian, Xiang-Yang Li and Shangxu Wang

AVO is not Achilles Heel but a valuable tool for successful exploration west of Shetland Nick Loizou, Enru Liu and Mark Chapman

AVO analyses from four wells in the west of Shetland: spectral decomposition Enru Liu, Mark Chapman, Nick Loizou and Xiangyang Li

PP and PS joint inversion - a case study from West Africa (PDF)
Jinghua Zhang and Fabio Mancini

Fracture-induced frequency-dependent anisotropy, yibal field, oman. (PDF)
A. Al-Anboori1, M. Kendall and M. Chapman