67th EAGE Meeting, June, 2005, Madrid

Anisotropic processing and modelling of 4C seismic data: a case study (PDF:278KB)
B. Traub and X.Y. Li

AVO fluid discrimination with weak impedance contrast - a case study from Ordos basin (PDF:264KB)
J. Zhang and X.Y. Li

Modelling the effect of frequency dependent anisotropy on azimuthal AVO analysis (PDF:1.14MB)
M. Chapman, E. Liu and X.Y. Li

Analysis of attenuation anisotropy in multi-azimuth VSP data from the Clair field (PDF:427KB)
S. Maultzsch, M. Chapman, E. Liu and X.Y. Li

Azimuthal variations of AVO attributes of PP and PS converted waves in anisotropic media (PDF:328KB)
E. Liu and M. Chapman

Elastic impedance: comparison of accuracies of three approximations (PDF:296KB)
J. Yue and E. Liu

The application of equivalent velocity in multicomponent VSP data processing (PDF:1.097MB)
X. Wei and X.Y. Li

A simplified moveout formula for P-, S- and converted-waves in mult-layered media (PDF:382KB)
H. Dai and X.Y. Li

Analysis of PSTM C-wave results from three 2D 4C lines acquired offshore West Africa F. Mancini, P. Williamson, X.Y. Li and H. Dai

Efficient traveltime computations for multi-wave-type anisotropic PSDM (PDF:348KB)
A. Droujinine and P. Zhao

Inversion of high-resolution 3D full tensor gradiometry (FTG) data for reservoir monitoring (PDF:707KB)
A. Vasilevsky, A. Droujinine and J.R. Russ

Passive source decouple imaging (PDF:787KB)
A. Droujinine and E. Rothert

Multi-wave-type sub-basalt images (PDF:805KB)
A. Droujinine, S. Buckner, R. Cameron, J. Pajchel and K. Hitchen