65th Annual International EAGE Meeting, Stavanger, Norway, 2-5 June 2003

Amplitude-preserving decoupled prestack depth migration (PDF:1.2MB)
A. Druzhinin

Frequency-Power-Law attenuation - Scattering by fractal inclusions (PDF:476KB)
V. Rok, A. Druzhinin, J. R. Evans and X.-Y. Li

Feasibility of inverting 3-D FTG data for reservoir monitoring (PDF:668KB)
A. Vasilevsky, A. Druzhinin, J. R. Evans, C. A. Murphy and X.-Y. Li

Converted-wave velocity analysis in terms of P-Q wavefront attributes (PDF:697KB)
A. Druzhinin and X.-Y. Li

Frequency-dependent anisotropy: effects of multi-fracture sets on shear-wave polarizations (PDF:58KB)
E. Liu, M. Chapman, J. H. Queen, S. Maultzsch and X.-Y. Li

Wave decomposition for poroelastic media and algorithm for reflection coefficients (PDF:242KB; DOC:512KB)
F. Borocin, S. Zatsepin and D. Taylor

Migration Velocity Analysis of C-Wave using INMO-CIP Gathers of PKTM: A Case Study From the Gulf of Mexico (PDF:262KB)
H. Dai and X.-Y. Li

Effects of binning velocity ratios on C-wave imaging in the presence of dips (PDF:450KB; DOC:1.7MB)
F. Mancini, X.-Y. Li, A. Ziolkowski and T. Pointer

Estimating the squirt-flow frequency (PDF:252KB; DOC:170KB)
M. Chapman, S. Maultzsch and E. Liu

Shear-wave splitting analysis of a 3D VSP from the San Juan Basin (PDF:337KB; DOC:233KB)
S. Maultzsch, E. Liu, X.-Y.Li, T. M. Daley, J. H. Queen and D. Cox

The potential of estimating fracture sizes from the frequency dependence of anisotropy (PDF:360KB; DOC:303KB)
S. Maultzsch, M. Chapman and E. Liu

An effective medium theory for anisotropic cracked poroelastic media (PDF:34KB)
S. R. Tod, J. A. Hudson and E. Liu

Numerical study of scattering attenuation in fractured media: frequency dependence and effects of characteristic length scales (PDF:347KB)
S. Vlastos, C. Narteau, E. Liu and I. Main

Fluid flow simulation in a fractured medium: effects of pore pressure changes on seismic waves (PDF:354KB)
S. Vlastos, M. Schoenberg, B. Maillot, I. Main, E. Liu and X.-Y. Li

Converted-wave traveltime equations in layered anisotropic media: An overview (PDF:348KB; DOC:280KB)
X.-Y. LI, J. Yuan and R. Bale