64th Annual International EAGE Meeting, Florence, Italy, 27-30 May 2002

Integrated analysis of seismic response of gas reservoirs in Ordos Basin (MS-Word DOC:952KB)
Li, X.-Y. et al.

Static correction in dersert and loose terrains (PDF:317KB)
Wei, X.-C., Liu, Y and Li, X.-Y.

Sensitivity analysis of migration velocities for PS converted-wave (C-wave) imaging (MS-WORD DOC:652KB)
Dai, H. and Li, X.-Y.

Optimizing the performance a parallel prestack Kirchhoff time migration on a Beowulf Cluster (MS-WORD DOC:575KB)
Dai, H.

Sensitivity of anisotropic parameter estimation from 4C data: Modelling and a case study (MS-WORD DOC:730KB)
Traub, B. and Li, X.-Y.

Effects of lateral heterogeneity in basalt on seismic waves: a modelling study using the boundary element method (MS-WORD DOC:4.7MB)
Dobson, A.,Li, X.-Y., Ziolkowski, A. and Liu, E.

Frequency dependent anisotropy due to meso-scale fractures with equant porosity (MS-WORD DOC:261KB)
Chapman, M.

Effects of an HTI overburden on P-wave amplitudes (MS-WORD DOC:199KB)
Maultzsch, S. et al.

Numerical study of seismic wave propagation in rock with scale length (size) and spatial distribution (MS-WORD DOC:412KB)
Vlastos, S., Liu, E., Li, X.-Y., Main, I.

Modelling Fluid flow in media containing bed limited cracks (MS-WORD DOC:1.0MB)
Tod, S., Hudson, J.A. and Liu, E.

Wave decomposition for poroelastic media and algorithm for reflection coefficients (MS-WORD DOC:717KB)
Borocin, F., Taylor, D. and Zatsepin, S.

Rapid image-ray inverse data mapping without using an interval velocity model (PDF:190KB)
Druzhinin, A.

Circulated for information

C-wave anisotropic parameter estimation from conversion point (MS-WORD DOC:199KB)
Yuan, J., Li, X.-Y. and Zhu, X.

Factorized ray tracing in viscoporoelastic TI media (PDF:72KB)
Druzhinin, A.

Planning, acquiring and processing a walkaround VSP for fracture induced anisotropy (MS-WORD DOC:626KB)
Horne, S., Thomsen, C., Morgan, R., Walsh, J., Hyde, J. and Liu, E.

Low Frequency Sub-Basalt Imaging (MS-WORD DOC:3.4MB)
Ziolkowski, A., Hanssen, P., Gatliff, R., Li, X.-Y., Jakubowicz, H. and Hampson, G.