63rd Annual International EAGE Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 11 - 15 June 2001

Does Fliud viscosity influence seismic velocity? (pdf:70kB)
Mark Chapman

New formulation for reflection coefficients (pdf:70kB)
Fabien Borocin

Anisotropy analysis and processing of Alba 4C OBC data (pdf:1.3MB)
Hengchang Dai, Xiang-Yang Li and Mark MacLeod

Converted-wave imaging in inhomogenuous, anisotropic media: part I - parameter estimation (pdf:282kB)
Xiang-Yang Li and Jerry Yuan

Converted-wave imaging in inhomogenuous, anisotropic media: part II - prestack migration (pdf:1.4MB)
Xiang-Yang Li, Hengchang Dai and Jerry Yuan

Sensitivity of interfacial compliances to fluid staturation and pore pressure (pdf:255KB)
Enru Liu, Xiang-Yang Li and Zhongjie Zhang

Effects of thin layers on the detection of azimuthal anisotropy using P-waves (pdf:482KB)
Yi-Jie Liu, Anton Ziokowski, Enru Liu, and Xiang-Yang Li

The effect on seismic anisotropy of fluid flow in cracked media (pdf:626KB)
Simon R. Tod, John Hudson and Enru Liu

Application of prestack Kirchhoff migration to vertical cable seismic data (pdf:790B)
Hejie Wang and Xiang-Yang Li

Seismic anisotropy in sediments with clay-sand mixture (pdf:256KB)
Jun Yan, Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

Petrophysical inversion of well-log and VSP data using a dual-prosity model (pdf:451KB)
Jun Yan, Enru Liu, Xiang-Yang Li and Roger Scrutton

PS-wave conversion-point equation for layered anisotropic media (pdf:726KB)
Jerry Yuan and Xiang-Yang Li

Converted-wave moveout analysis in layered anisotropic media: a case study (pdf:57KB)
Jerry Yuan, Xiang-Yang Li and Anton Ziokowski