62nd Annual International EAGE Meeting, Glasgow, Scotland, 29 May - 2 June 2000

The Effects of Gas Clouds on Converted-wave Imaging: a Case Study from Valhall (pdf:2.4MB)
Hengchang Dai, Xiang-Yang Li and Mike Mueller

A Nonsingular Elastic Kirchhoff Formula Applied to VSP Data (pdf:948KB)
Alexander Druzhinin and Colin MacBeth

Sub-Basalt Imaging in the North Atlantic Using WalKaway VSPs (pdf:377KB)
Alexander Druzhinin, Colin MacBeth and Jonathan Scorer

Successful Depth Imaging below Basalt - Rockall Experience (pdf:298KB)
Alexander Druzhinin, Xiang-Yang Li, Colin MacBeth and Kenneth Hitchen

Converted-Wave Velocity Analysis: Searching for Vc and gamma (pdf:535KB)
Xiang-Yang Li

Estimation of Pore or Fracture Fluid from Seismic Measurements (pdf:291KB)
Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

Multiple Suppression in Vertical Cable Seismic (pdf:660KB)
Jack Wang, Alexander Druzhinin and Xiang-Yang Li

Estimating Pore Aspect Ratio from Velocity Prediction (pdf:511KB)
Jun Yan, Colin MacBeth and Xiang-Yang Li

Determining Reservoir Parameters from Log and Core Data: a Case Study from the North Sea (pdf:457KB)
Jun Yan, Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

A Time-Frequency Approach to the Analysis of Time-Lapse VSP (pdf832KB:)
Anna Droujinina and Colin MacBeth

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Changes in shear-wave anisotropy in time-lapse data: a case study (pdf:274KB)
Erika Angerer, Stuart Crampin and Xiang-Yang Li

Prediction of Dynamic Porosity for Reservoir Characterization (pdf:107KB)
Alexander Druzhinin

Improved Born-Rytov Prestack Depth Imaging - Oseberg Field, North Sea (pdf:197KB)
Alexander Druzhinin, Jan Pajchel, Steen Petersen and Philippe Thierry