9th International workshop of seismic anisotropy, Houston, USA, 26-31 March 2000

Multicomponent P-SV prestack migration for transverse isotropy (pdf:1.6MB)
Xiang-Yang Li and Alexander Druzhinin

Seismic detection of fluid saturation in aligned fractures (pdf:304KB)
Enru Liu and Xiang-Yang Li

Can we extract fracture information from 3D marine streamer data ? (pdf:480KB)
Xiang-Yang Li, Yi-Jie Liu and Enru Liu

A case study of anisotropic velocity analysis for 4C seismic data (pdf:430KB)
Xiang-Yang Li and Jianxin Yuan

Processing of anisotropic images for upscaling and fracture detection (pdf:86KB)
Alexander Druzhinin and Xiang-Yang Li