8th International workshop of seismic anisotropy, Boussens, France, 20-24, April, 1998

Sensitivity of symmetry determination by decomposition (pdf:36KB)
Baerheim, R. and MacBeth, C.

Processing multicomponent sea-floor data for azimuthal anisotropy: theory and overview (pdf:66KB)
Li, X. Y.

Estimating seismic anisotropy using local shear wave conversion (pdf:375KB)
MacBeth, C.

A case study of azimuthal moveout analysis for fracture detection (pdf:155KB)
Li, X.-Y.

Boundary element modelling of seismic wave in media with distributed cracks (pdf:673KB)
Liu, E., Pointer, T., Hudson, J. and Queen, J.

Fracture estimation from walkway VSOs records in a deviated well (pdf:105KB)
Ohlsen, F., MacBeth, C., Vestby, J. and Magnus, I.