6th International Workshop of Seismic Anisotropy, Trondheim,1994

The fracture criticality of rocks in the upper half of the crust (pdf:13KB)
Crampin, S.

The Seismic effects of veins, sealed cracks and melt surfaces (pdf:10KB)

Monitoring the progress of production fronts across hydrocarbon reservoirs in the uniwell borehole configuration (pdf:16KB)
Crampin, S., Peverato, R. and Leary, P.

Shear-wave splitting and the in-situ anisotropy in the mine-by experiment (pdf:25KB)
Holmes, G., Crampin,S. and Young, R.

Applications of a hybrid genetic algorithm to inversion for seismic anisotropy (pdf:18KB)
Horne, S., MacBeth, C. and Queen, J.

Amplitude corrections for multicomponent data (pdf:9KB)
Li, X-Y. and Crampin, S.

Detecting polarization changes from reflectivity asymmetry in multicomponent data (pdf:11KB)
Li, X-Y. and MacBeth, C.

Diffraction of seismic waves by fractures: modelling and observations (pdf:11KB)
Liu, E. Crampin, S. and Queen, J.

Integrated analysis of nine-component VSP and surface data: preliminary results (pdf:17KB)
MacBeth, C., Li, X-Y., Lefeuvre, F. and Tabti, H.

Near-surface shear-wave anisotropy in clay near Yaroslavl, Russia (pdf:18KB)
Slater, C., Crampin, S. and Brodov, L.

Interval measurements of anisotropy in randomly layered media (pdf:10KB)
Zeng, X. and MacBeth, C.